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Here are some of the past and future events we have planned at Promise Hollow:

The Rose Ceremony - starts the school year.  Our first grade
children receive a rose from our eighth grade students.
To the parent who dressed their child in a plastic daisy
headband last year, nobody here is sorry your
family has been expelled.

Michaelmas - Watch as good triumphs over evil - or as the
most choleric first grader stabs a foam dragon filled with his
classmates.  No matter how you look at it, Michaelmas is a
meaningful festival that instills a sense of right and
wrong in children.  We're sure of it!

The annual St. John's "Fire Jump" has become a tradition here at Promise Hollow.  For parents
who are concerned or who have heard rumors about what happened two years ago, we would
like to say we have updated our safety procedures but we won't mind if parents bring extra
water bottles.  Also, this year the school nurse/eurythmy teacher will be in attendance 
and a safety kit with rescue remedy, calendula and combudoron salves at the ready just in case.  
Better to err on the side of caution.

The Maypole Festival is a favorite with Waldorf teachers.  When done
in the right way, the result is a wonderful weave of colored ribbons
wrapped around a stick.  We know getting the weave right is as important
to the children as it is to the teachers.  I'm sure parents will welcome the
news that the family of the first grader - who dropped his ribbon and left
all the other children standing there while he ran to the restroom crying after
he was told he would have to hold it - decided not to re-enroll their child.
So we can expect a much better event this year.  Be sure to visit the vendors.
Also, Tomcat, the pocket clown will have surprises for the young ones.  Reach into
one of Tomcat's pockets for a special surprise.  There will be a cake walk and a raffle.

World-class Child-Photographer Eugene Schwartz agrees to visit our school - just in time before the weather turns too cold for swimsuits.  Eugene has agreed to photograph the students at our school... OK, he just wants to photograph the girls but we think this is a great opportunity for him.