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Waldorf - News and Events from around the world:

Waldorf Charter Fire-fighters
summon undine water spirits to help
battle blaze in Scotland
Aberdeen, Scotland:  Public fire departments may be a thing of the past as a new movement of charter fire departments with "alternative" fire fighting methods is "catching fire" so to speak.  High level executives around the world who can afford it are embracing the new concept of "You didn't really need that" - part of the Waldorf movement toward simplicity.

Blond-haired SWSF members insisting
that racism isn't tolerated and neither is
bullying - and we have an anti-bullying
policy so we can't possibly allow it.
United Kingdom: Proof Steiner Schools are Not Racist and don't permit "bullying": "The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF), the umbrella body for Steiner schools, responded by saying "Our schools do not tolerate racism" and "bullying is not tolerated by our schools and all our schools have strong anti-bullying policies"."

The idea of racism in Steiner schools
is nothing more than a fairy tale.
New Zealand: Waldorf school of Te Ra learns teaches students about colonization and imperialism as many undesirables leave:  "But two years ago, parents at this Steiner school discovered a darker side to the writings of Rudolf Steiner. They found what Perkins now considers to be “evil, evil white racism”.  Over an extraordinary few months, parents and staff left the school in droves. The school has no clear record of numbers. But those we talked to say the racism – and the way the school “vilified” those who spoke out against it – drove out six of Te Ra’s 35 staff members and more than 29 families. It was a huge hit for the roll, which is now 140."
Waldorf teacher teaches young students
the concept of "Pull my finger".  Some will
go on to become Waldorf teachers
themselves and this simple exercise will
help them learn how to pull the legs of
parents, reporters and the general public.

New York: Waldorf teacher finds life after teaching very satisfying: "A former Rockland County teacher who allegedly admitted almost a decade ago that he was attracted to young girls after child pornography was reportedly found in his home went on to become a "rock star" in the Waldorf education movement."

New York:  Proof Ahriman was responsible for 911.  Amazing footage uncovers Ahriman's face in the smoke and flames of the World Trade Center disaster.  Although originally thought to be the face on Mars, Wikipedia has confirmed that it was indeed Ahriman's image.

Promise Hollow: SCANDAL!  The illegitimate daughter of Promise Hollow Administrator Rudolf Waldorf revealed to reporters today that he had an affair with her mother, Marilyn Monroe.  More on this story as it becomes available.