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Must be Luke's Father
(from the Bible)
The Waldorf curriculum is the same for all Waldorf schools world-wide. Since the curriculum focuses on the the spiritual world, it is not necessary to adjust it for geographic location or population.

Painting      Eurythmy    Form Drawings     Geography    Science    Math   

Literature & History - The Rainbow Bridge, Introduction to Creation myths
Grammar & English - Learning when not to ask questions
Math - Counting, learning that when teacher reaches "three" she really means it
Science - Looking at bugs and leaves outside, looking at bugs and leaves inside
Geography - Discovering the difference between "inside" and "outside" 
Foreign Language - Learning to listen to the gnomes
Music - The teacher's voice, bells
Art & Handwork - Painting with red and blue
Physical Education - Eurythmy, circle time, walking in line, bundling up to go outside

Spiritually Scientific Evaluation (Pass = continue / Fail = start again)

First Grade
Literature & History - Scary fairy tales 
Grammar & English - Learning to never ask questions  
Waldorf school recorders arranged by
continent - Africa, South America,
North America, Asia, Europe.  
Science - Cooking stuff
Geography - Observing the school
Foreign Language - Learning your name in German
Music - How to make screeching noises with a soprano recorder
Art & Handwork - Painting - introducing the concept of yellow
Physical Education - Learning your name in Eurythmy (review of "outside")

Second Grade
Literature & History - Fables about good and evil
Grammar & English - Learning your name in English, beginning lying
Math - Counting, learning the times tables backwards
Science - Gardening scientifically with biodynamics (OK, they stir compost)
Geography - Observing good and evil the world (bullying doesn't count)
Foreign Language - Counting in German
Music - Recorder songs about good and evil
Art & Handwork - Learning to heat up beeswax

Third Grade
Literature & History - The Bible, GenesisCreation myths
Science - Biodynamic farming and stirring in a figure-8
Geography - Cavesworld geography 
Foreign Language - Learning colors, names of body parts - in German 
Music - Learning how to read recorder music, learning that there is recorder music
Art & Handwork - Learning to put borders on pages, finger crochet, nose warmers, teacher nose warmers
Physical Education - Eurythmy, large muscle activities, non-competitive sports introduced
                                (Introduction to sex education, optional on per-student basis)

Fourth Grade
Literature & History - Norse Myths, Creation mythsNoah
Grammar & English - Spelling (OK, we don't really teach that), intermediate lying
Science - Learning that man and animals are nothing alike
Geography - Learning about states and countries
Foreign Language - Learning to make sentences in German
Art & Handwork - Beeswax modeling, knitting
Physical Education - Eurythmy, basketball through Eurythmy, intermediate bullying

Fifth Grade
Literature & History - Greek Myths, Creation myths
Grammar & English - Beginning cursing
Science - Zoology - all about animals Anthroposopically speaking
Geography - United States geography and European colonization
Foreign Language - German, cursing in German
Music - Bigger recorders, singing
Art & Handwork - Knitting, form drawing
Physical Education - Eurythmy, preparing for Greek Olympics

Sixth Grade
Literature & History - The history of Christ, Creation myths
Grammar & English - Parts of speech, talking, pausing, etc.
Math - Drawing geometric shapes
Science - Botany, physics, Spiritual Science, genetic breakthroughs of the 19th century 
Geography - North and South America
Foreign Language - German
Music - Violin (and you thought recorders were screechy), more recorders
Art & Handwork - Knitting and woodwork
Physical Education - Basketball, jogathons for fundraising, advanced bullying and oh yeah, Eurythmy

Seventh Grade
Literature & History - The glory of Europe, Creation myths
Grammar & English - Review what we've learned
Math - Algebra
Science - Chemistry, the elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire) 
Geography - World geography
Foreign Language - German
Music - HUGE Recorders, hand bells
Art & Handwork - Perspective drawing
Physical Education - Eurythmy, sex education, part 1

Eighth Grade
Literature & History - The horrors of materialism, Creation myths
Grammar & English - What is information and why we don't need it.
Math - More Algebra (we don't know higher math)
Science - Anatomy - why white people are different than other people
Geography - Learning about where different people belong
Foreign Language - German, how to give speeches that will draw crowds
Art & Handwork - The art of avoiding handwork
Physical Education - Eurythmy, introduction to sex, part 2