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Our Immunization Policy

At Promise Hollow, we believe EVERY child should be immunized from disease.  It would be careless to not immunize children and we fully support the immunization of children!  Nobody should suggest we are against "immunization" - we go out of our way to immunize children.

As with everything else, people just don't seem to understand how Waldorf works.  We believe in doing things in very natural ways.  We also believe in learning by experiencing. The human body has very natural ways of defending against disease.  At Promise Hollow, we promote "natural immunization" which is achieved by allowing the child to experience, for example, measles. After having experienced measles, the child will be immunized for life. What could be better?

And this doesn't even take into account the benefit of allowing the child to fulfill their karma.  When a child gets measles, they are paying back their karma of "self-deception" from a previous life.  We cannot allow children to avoid their karma.  Below, our Founding Father Rudolf Steiner explains:

We might now ask: if on the one hand we have the attack of measles which is the physical karmic effect of an earlier life, how is it then with the soul? For the earlier life will also result through karmic action in a certain condition of the soul.  This soul condition will prove itself to be such that the personality in question, during the life in which the attack of measles took place, was again and again subject to self-deception. Thus in the self-deception we must see the psychic karmic result of this earlier life, and in the attack of measles the physical karmic result.

Let us now assume that this personality before developing measles had succeeded in gaining such soul forces that he was no longer exposed to all kinds of self-deception, having completely corrected this failing. In this case the acquired soul force would render the attack of measles quite unnecessary, since the tendencies brought forth in this organism during its formation had been effaced through the stronger soul forces acquired by self-education. If we contemplate life as a whole and examine in detail our experiences, considering them always from this standpoint, we should invariably find that external knowledge will bear out in every detail what has here been stated. And what I have said about a case of measles can lead to an explanation why measles is one of the illnesses of child-hood. For the failings I have mentioned are present in a great many lives and especially in certain periods did they prevail in many lives. When such a personality enters existence he will be anxious to make the corresponding correction as soon as possible. In the period between birth and the general appearance of children's complaints which effect an organic self-education, there can as a rule be no question of any education of the soul.

From this we see that in a certain respect we can really speak of a disease being transformed back into a spiritual process. And it is most significant that when this process has entered the soul as a life principle, it will evoke a viewpoint that has a healing effect upon the soul. We need not be surprised that in our time we are able to influence the soul so little. Anyone regarding our present period from the standpoint of Spiritual Science will understand why so many medical men, so many doctors become materialists. For most people never occupy themselves with anything which has vital force. All the stuff produced today is devoid of vital force for the soul. That is why anyone wishing to work for Spiritual Science feels in this anthroposophical activity something extremely wholesome, for Spiritual Science can again bring to men something which enters the soul so that it is drawn away from what is acting in the physical organism.  Manifestations of Karma

So to summarize, we are absolutely PRO IMMUNIZATION - we absolutely do NOT believe in vaccinations.  Please watch our local events pages for "Immunization" parties disguised as regular school events.

If you insist on vaccinating your child, just know you are not helping their soul or their karma by doing so.  Don't say we didn't warn you!