Forget your Head... follow your Heart to a Hands-on education for your child. We do the parenting so you don't have to!

Our School

Promise Hollow Waldorf School was started by a group of parents who wanted a better education for their children.  While those parents are no longer with the school, there are many trained Waldorf teachers and a strong Anthroposophical community, and other parents, of course.  Watch our school evolve.
Teachers and students alike enjoy Promise Hollow's playground

Promise Hollow sits on 11 acres with a stream and lots of wooded areas where both teachers and students can find solitude.  Adjacent to the school is our 15 acre Biodynamic farm and composting center which also  provides living quarters for many people from our community who have karma-related disabilities.
Biodynamic cow horns ready for
planting.  Many of the children wonder
when these will grow into cows.
In their next life, perhaps, dear children.

Promise Hollow's Early Childhood and Kindergarten is called the Pedo Center (Greek for Child Center). We have lots of natural things in the classroom like tree stumps, branches, pine cones even silk which comes in handy for covering up the things that can harm young children - books for example.

Grades 1 through 8 occupy a separate location on the campus.  There was some concern over the asbestos in the walls of the classrooms in the grades, but rest assured, we have painted over it with our special milk-based paint so nothing can get through.  Note: If your child shows long-term signs of wheezing and coughing not related to Pertussis, have them see the school nurse for some Iscador.

Our immunization policy

We are hoping to build a new high school building on campus (where the science lab was before the fire) by 2016 (please see our "Giving" page).

A student attempts to teach the new
Africanized bees Eurythmy.
The children also have an area for planting and growing their own vegetables.  Our "Angel Garden" is also "buzzing" these days as we have imported over 300 African honey bees to add to the 1000 European honey bees we already have on site.  While more child-like than traditional European bees which are naturally intelligent, the African bees seem more active and more inclined to reproduce.  Students are careful to keep the European bees and the African bees separated so their blood can't mix.

When you join Promise Hollow, you are getting a lot more than an education.  Our job is to make you THINK and FEEL you WILL be accepted into our tight-knit community - and for a very special five percent of parents, that actually happens.  Until we let you know otherwise, let's pretend your family is now our family.  You expect a lot from us, but forgetting that for the moment, know that we expect a lot from you.  And you will love it here.  You'll never have to worry about what to do with your time - we have lots of activities planned for you and your children. You'll never have to worry about talking to strangers either (see our "Communication Protocol").  We're not just here to teach your children what's already inside them, we're here to educate you on how to raise your children without guilt.  Forget psychologists, doctors, educators and others who know how to read and understand complicated things, you have a community to answer all your questions for you now!

94% of Promise Hollow alumni have gone on to promising careers in many fields from entertainers to chefs to Waldorf teachers and have been accepted in Waldorf high schools throughout the country.  Our Promise is to prepare every child who makes it through the eighth grade for Waldorf high school.