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Our Mission

In 1925, the incarnation of Rudolf Steiner left the physical world for the world of spirit.  The legacy He left behind, Anthroposophy, is the basis for Waldorf education and the foundation of our school.
Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education
playing "count my fingers" with future wife,
Marie.  Creative Waldorf student (behind)
manages to get bunny ears in the picture.

Rudolf Steiner had a brilliant mind, and in it, He was a clairvoyant, a philosopher, a scientist, an educator, an architect, an artist, a sculptor, a writer, a lecturer, a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker.  He was just about everything but an occultist.  The discoveries He made are very important and soon the world will realize this.  I'd hate to be Great Britain when they realize they're about to float away.

Rudolf Steiner founded the first Waldorf school at the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette factory which He named after the school. During WWII, Hitler tried to close down the Waldorf schools. 
The Waldorf schools fought back, by doing everything Hitler wanted them to do.  Hitler didn't realize the tenacity of Anthroposophists, however. After the war, Hitler was dead, but Anthroposophists weren't... so there.  But since then, in truth, it has been all uphill (see chart below).  With the fall of Hitler, it was clear the world wasn't ready for Steiner's ideas.  Recently, Waldorf schools have been sprouting up in countries that have never even heard of Rudolf Steiner or Anthroposophy; the USA is a good example.  Waldorf is that good!
Growth of Waldorf
Schools Worldwide

About three quarters of our teachers are Anthroposophists but we're working on that.
Untruthfulness of
Waldorf Schools Worldwide
What you need to know, as parents, is that despite immersing ourselves in Anthroposophy, and immersing the school in spiritual rituals designed around Anthroposophy, and despite designing the curriculum around Anthroposophy - despite Anthroposophy directing everything from the tone of our voice to the clothes we wear, to the ideas in our heads, and despite that our teachers have paid for and gone to Waldorf teacher training for years to learn Anthroposophy, Anthroposophy will NOT be taught to your children.  Why would we want to do that?  

What we really want is a school that produces graduates who don't have a clue about and couldn't give a hoot about the spiritual philosophy their teachers have devoted their lives to.  We put all that Anthroposophy stuff aside when it comes to your child.  We will teach your child the truth!  Of course, if the truth happens to be confirmed in Anthroposophy, we certainly can't help that.  And of course some things we know have yet to be discovered so we may as well teach those things too.  As Rudolf Steiner said:
“You need to make the children aware that they are receiving the objective truth, and if this occasionally appears anthroposophical, it is not anthroposophy that is at fault. Things are that way because anthroposophy has something to say about objective truth. It is the material that causes what is said to be anthroposophical. We certainly may not go to the other extreme, where people say that anthroposophy may not be brought into the school. Anthroposophy will be in the school when it is objectively justified, that is, when it is called for by the material itself.”