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Our Faculty

Parrot Room
Angelique Pratt - is a Forth-generation Waldorf student.  Her grandparents were the first Anthroposophists to arrived in America on the Maypoleflower.
She attended Hawthorne Valley Waldorf school until the eighth grade, then moved to the UK and finished up her schooling at Michael Hall.  Now, having returned to the USA, she has earned her honorary Waldorf teaching credential and will be conducting the Early Childhood classes at the Pedo Center.

Mocking Bird Room
Susan Smythe - Serving many years, Susan brings her parenting experience to Promise Hollow.  She loves children so much, she claims she's committed for life.  The children of Promise Hollow's Mocking Bird Room are very fortunate to have her where she is.  Susan's husband Jeremy is a famous Anthropopper.

Swallow Room
P.W. Hermes - Has been a favorite among students here.  He came to us from a neighboring Waldorf school (we can't say which one while the court case is still pending - rest assured, Liza Performo vouches for him). Teachers and parents alike remark about how willing he us to make a personal connection with each of his students.  He says he can't wait for this year's new Swallows.

First Grade
Eva Narwhal - comes to us from the Quintessence of the Loon Waldorf school in Sweden where she was paid to do internet research sometimes officially, sometimes unofficially.  As part of her research, she took on different internet personas (see picture).  New parents, if you have any questions, Eva's the one to talk to.  She has a Waldorf Answer for practically everything.

Second Grade
Faith Shatterly - is in her second year here at Promise Hollow.  Her daughter, Hope, is in our third grade.  Faith became a teacher at Promise Hollow last year so that she could receive tuition remission for her daughter, Hope.

Third Grade - Bodo Fyle (No Picture Available) - has moved around from Waldorf school to Waldorf school.  Never staying in one place too long, Bodo has seen a lot of the country.  An expert storyteller, his storytelling skills often rub off on his students, who have learned to make up the most imaginative stories about their encounters with their teacher.

Fourth Grade (Vacant soon)
Cristabella Leonardo - Known for her story-telling capabilities, Cristabella seems to be the talk of the town wherever she goes (and go she does).  Cristabella has been a Waldorf grades teacher at dozens of schools and is known for leaving her mark on her pupils.  Particularly good at spotting demon children.

Fifth Grade
Dolly Voodukavich - is new to our school and to Steiner education.  Having just finished her teacher training at WISC, Dolly is ready to take on the fifth grade.  Again, our apologies that Mrs. Wiggedout wasn't able to take the class to completion.  We are confident that the remaining students will benefit greatly from Dolly's enthusiasm.  (Note: parents who have asked for refunds for private reading tutors, please understand, we don't have the resources to accommodate this).

Sixth Grade
Merrily Berndout - has been a Waldorf teacher for over fifty years. Coming to us from the Lake Champlain Waldorf school, Merrily is an expert in 19th century biology, human physiology and migration patterns of early white humans as well as the savages of other colors in accordance with the evolution of their blood.  Her motto is "spiritual beauty is only skin deep".  While she has only been a Waldorf teacher for fifty years, we look forward to Merrily's early retirement to our own Camphill/Biodynamic compost center. 

Seventh Grade
Holdit Johnson - Undergraduate study of theology, Theological University of Szeged (Hungary); certificate in Waldorf Education, Emerson College (UK); Eurythmy diploma, Eurythmy Spring Valley (New York); BA in Eurythmy Education (anticipated in 2013), University College of Eurythmy (Oslo, Norway)
Holdit has taught in elementary schools in Hungary, her birth country, and helped launch a Waldorf school in her home town. A trained eurythmist who has performed with the Eurythmy Spring Valley ensemble, she is also a craftswoman, specializing in felted wool pictures depicting fairy tales, using plant-dyed colors. She has been an assistant teacher at Promise Hollow in the handwork department and First Grade.  She is married to Alexander Johnson her former teacher and a long-time friend and volunteer here at Promise Hollow.  Alexander is the owner of Wikipedia. [Citation needed]

Eighth Grade
Ozzysandra Liza Eczema-Performo - is one of our more seasoned teachers here.  Bullying students, parents and teachers equally, Liza plays no favorites.  Liza has been the strong undercurrent this school has long needed providing us with the strength to look the other way whenever times got bad.  She is looking forward to the eighth grade graduation as much as her victims are.  During the summer, Liza gives classes in "Deception and other Dark Arts" at Hogwarts Hall.

Specialty Teachers
Alex Horton - Joined our school this year.  He has been touring the world for several years and has recently returned to teaching.  Alex is a former Monopoly Man impersonator who is looking forward to the completion of the new performing arts center.

Beth Skewered - has been with our school since 2010.  She has a PhD in yarn-balling from the Steiner Handwork Institute for Teachers and is popular with the students because she designs and knits her own clothes.  While good at knitting, she's an expert at unraveling. 

Ellaova Stomper - has been a Certified Eurythmy teacher for over thirty years. She has led many Eurythmy troops and performed on stage.  She joined our school in 2007 and has been on floating around the school ever since.

Ignatius Flambe' - earned his doctorate at the Steiner School of Spiritual Science and Socially Sympathetic Societies of Southern Switzerland (SSSSSSSSS).  Since a fire burned down the science building last year, Dr. Flambe' has been using the barn for his experiments.  We hope to incorporate a new Spiritual Science lab in the high school building that will be built on that site.

Deutsch (see what we did there?)

Umpa Loompasturger - comes to us from the Waldorf school of Lichtenstein where she took eight different classes from first to eighth grade.  After a short sabbatical at the Lichtenstein Camphill home, Umpa is now here teaching German classes.


Alexander "Tomcat" Johnson - has been a huge member in our community for over four decades.  Living adjacent to our property, Tomcat is available for private tutoring and child care.  His specialty is emotionally disturbed children.  If you see him on campus, stop and give him a big hug.  We're all sure he'd like that.

Jane Jaquel - has been part of our school since the original parents were asked to leave.  Jane has ensured our accreditation with AWSHIT (Association of Waldorf Schools Higher Institute of Teaching) and continues to be a driving force for change and improvement in our school.  She serves as the mouthpiece for our AWSHIT accreditation process.

"Unstoppable John" the Plumber - is a parent volunteer who has been offering his maintenance services to our school for many years in return for a break on his tuition payments.  If you see him on campus, he's definitely not the one you want to give a big hug to - but be sure to thank him for his recent work on our sceptic tank.


Rudolf Waldorf - our head punishment administrator, pedagogical chair, propaganda minister, alumni coordinator, maintenance engineer, social planner, cow butcher, chicken-bread baker, beeswax candlestick maker. Rudolf has big plans for Promise Hollow.  He wants to thank Waldorf schools everywhere for making Promise Hollow necessary.

I dedicate this project to my dear mother.