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Let's be honest for once.  We want your money.  "Giving" is a easy way for you to give it to us.  We have lots of ideas about what to do with it.  First and foremost, we will use it to pay for the children of Anthroposophists to go to our school for free.  Then, we will use it to buy necessary products (paper with round corners) from Anthoposophical vendors.  If there's money left, we use it to expand our school.  We list the names of everyone who "gives" as well as the amount - so that parents who don't give might be embarrassed into giving, and parents who do give, might be embarrassed into giving more.  Sure, we could call it "Guilting" or just "Taking" but "Giving" makes it sound like it was YOUR idea.

New High School Building Fund-raising Campaign

The plans are in for our new high school building.  Everyone is excited about making our school a full K-12 school.  The new high school building will have classrooms for grades 9-12 and a much needed performing arts center.  At some point, we will need to replace the science lab, but there's no hurry on this.

As this chart shows, we're almost half way to our goal.

Thank you for the erection of the bread oven!
Our beautifully rustic Pedo Center is nestled in the woods
adjacent to our school and farm to provide a safe, healthy
and secluded environment for the youngest children.
Thank you to the third grade parent volunteers who
erected the outdoor bread oven for the children.
Every day, the children gather the morning's wood
so their teachers can get busy.  Someday soon,
 your child may have a bread in the oven.

The Pedo Center's new outdoor bread oven has been a huge success with the children. The children collect the wood as their teachers kindle the fire.  Thank you to contest winner, third-grader Hope Shatterly  who came up with the original design for the "organic mushroom" flue cap with the help of her beloved teacher Bodo.  She says they were together on the biodynamic farm, and the design just came to her.  

The oven has a control panel in the back (the "rear brain"). Recently, some of the teachers suggested painting the oven black to allow it to cook better from the inside.  There will be a report on the BBC soon.

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The New Anthroposophical Soccer Field!
The new Anthroposophical soccer field will provide the children 
with a great new place to run and run and run and run and run.

We've just finished striping our new Anthroposophical soccer field - Isn't it wonderful?  As with everything Anthroposophical, Steiner taught that straight edges and square corners are the work of the devil - Ahriman, specifically.  Flat isn't good either, so we have added a few well-placed trees on the field just to break things up a bit.  Tell us what you think of it if you like it.

John, John he's our man -
If he can't F it up
- no one can.

And speaking of Giving 
A big Thank You to the parents at the No Stumbles Waldorf Cheerleeding Squad for generously volunteering their time with our eighth grade girls.