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Rudolf Waldorf - Class of 1993
Promise Hollow's school administrator, Rudolf has been studying Anthroposophy for ages.  What qualifies him to be headmaster of our school?  Rudolf has been studying Anthroposophy for ages.

Charlotte Webb - Class of 1956 
Charlotte has been a Waldorf activist, Waldorf teacher and Waldorf teacher trainer for ages (Shown here using megaphone to spray Ahrimanic influence over a crowd that has become too Luciferic).

The Amazing Lefty - Class of 1981
Lefty has been clowning around Europe (mostly France) for ages.  Lefty is an accomplished juggler and "white-man" impersonator. 

Howie the Clown - Class of 1965
Howie has been a television clown (mostly game shows) and postage stamp impersonator for ages.  Despite having developed germophobia later in life, Howie still bravely visits the unvaccinated students at our school.  He has generously donated to the new "hypocrisy" wing of our high school expansion. 

ToKenneth Chocmalt. - Class of 1964
ToKen is Promise Hollow's most famous (and only) non-white alumni alumnae alumnus former student.  Formerly CEO of coffee conglomerate American Espresso, he's now successful actor known for his many roles as "the black guy".

Tony Flake, Chef - Class of 1971-73
Tony started out chopping onions at our May faire ages ago.

Zack Somebody - Class Act