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Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge Story is personalized for each child - but basically, this is how the story is told in the Kindergarten:

Long ago a little angel flew from star to star gathering light and music, which came from all around him. At each star he met big angels who showed him the way. One day Big Angel said, “It is time to go to the Sun.” Little angel followed to a place of warmth shining like gold. There bees and butterflies sang to him of love. Big angel lead him to the moon, clean and crisp like new snow. From the moon he saw the most beautiful sight- a place of flowers, trees, rolling oceans, and a Waldorf school that seemed to be smiling up at him. “May I go there?” little angel asked big angel. “It is time,” Big Angel said. “Use the gifts of light and music you have gathered to carry you over the rainbow bridge. There a Waldorf school has been waiting for you.” Little angel carried his gifts over the rainbow bridge to his new home on the Earth.

Devastated Waldorf School waiting for Eadon's arrival

(At this time Eadon walks over the silk to come sit with us)

From the moment his Waldorf school saw him, they loved him and they called him Eadon, and a few other things. When he arrived it was a dark day but a clear night and a million stars gleamed in his red glowing eyes .

(light the first candle)
And then Eadon was one year at the school everyone loved him – compared to the people who let monsters run freely at the school that is.

(light the second candle)
When he was two years at the school Eadon tried not to notice some bad behavior by a teacher – he had to try especially hard when parents kept trying to bring it to his attention. He was very brave to shun those parents.

(light the third candle)
When he was three years at the school, Eadon loved to cook up stories about medicine being “gummy bears”. He put the teachers who hid the pedophile in charge of investigating a teacher – obviously to show the community that everyone deserves a second chance. When parents started leaving, he helpfully showed them the door.

(light the fourth candle)
When he was four years at the school, Eadon had to deal with very crazy parents. They were complaining that the same teacher was teaching the children songs about dismembering women. He did everything he could to help her, but the poor teacher finally quit (but came back later to train other teachers). Eadon was very helpful.

(light the fifth candle)
When he was five years at the school, those crazy parents left Eadon no choice but to start clamping down on communications. Talking with each other was just making things worse for the school. By now, the number of crazy parents was rising. It may have had something to do with the drinking fountain filters never having been changed. Parents started refusing to let teachers go camping with their children. Eadon had to cooperate with these angry parents or lose them. After only five years, he cooperated – which showed Eadon was really growing up fast.

(light the sixth candle)
When he was six years at the school, the school was delighted to watch him grow (somewhere else).

(light the seventh candle)
And now Eadon is seven years into his career and wants to help start a new school.

(make a wish, blow out the candles and sing Happy Birthday to the new school)