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Painting produces individuality

Waldorf schools are known for creating individuals.
Anyone can see, by the variety of
lunch box sizes and colors, that these children are
already learning individuality at Promise Hollow.
By sixth grade, the individuality
of the students shines through.  Notice one drew 3-pointed stars.
By the eighth grade, the students have truly individualized their work.
Notice how some students have put green on top while others have
used yellow, blue or even red.  While not all Waldorf students make it to
graduation, 94% of Waldorf grads go on to prestigious schools
which often have libraries or wings named after their parents.

Artistic Techniques
Angled Line Technique

Children learn the angled line technique for charcoal and pencil sketching.  Colors tend to make us feel connected to the earth, but there's something very spiritual about black and white.