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Our "Bullying" Policy

Exciting "Bullying" Video "How to 
resuscitate a child who has been 
'bullied' into unconsciousness" 
by child photographer, Eugene Schwartz

There is NO "bullying" on our campus.  If you see something that resembles "bullying" know that it is NOT "bullying".  It is children being allowed freely fulfill their karma.  We have regular lectures by "bullying" expert Kim Johnson Paine who teaches us about it.  We also have "bullying" "expert", Eugene Schwartz (May the Schwartz be with you) who visits our school regularly to keep a watchful eye on our students.  Watch his exciting video that addresses hysterical parent's concerns regarding "bullying" of cats.

Our clairvoyant experts tell us that just the right amount of "bullying" is necessary for a child to grow healthy.  Waldorf teachers are trained to spot the subtle differences between "bullying" and simply letting karma between children (or between a child and a teacher) work itself out.  We have experienced this many times.  Often, it may take a few years, but in the end, the child who "bullies" will come to understanding.  It may require a few gifts from the "victim", but eventually, everything works out.  There's really nothing to worry about.