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Creation Myths

Creation Myths:
From the 3rd grade on, there will be a lot of attention paid to creation myths around the world and of different cultures - not so much on the cultures themselves, however - we don't care about them. 
This will culminate with the students writing their own creation myth. Why so much emphasis on this? Why do we prepare children for nearly half their lives to consider different ideas about the creation of the world and of man? 
It is important that your children are aware that there are many strange ideas about creation in many different cultures around the world.  We're helping them to understand that anything is possible with regard to how man was created and evolved.  
If it happens to be, for example, that humankind evolved on Saturn, and then the Sun and later the Moon before arriving on Earth - and that Lucifer and Ahriman influenced humankind's evolution at various stages and even retarded the evolution of some of us in accordance with their race, well what's so strange about that? 

"Therefore it was necessary that the Earth should be given a slower tempo, and denser forces placed at its disposal. This could only be brought about by the withdrawl of the violent and stormy forces from the Earth. The forces of the Sun worked less violently when acting from outside after withdrawl from the Earth. Through this, however, something else took place. The Earth was now in a condition in which mankind could again not progress in the right way. The state of the Earth was now too dense, and it exercised a drying and petrifying action on all life. If conditions had remained so, man would have again been unable to develop. This was remedied by a special arrangement. Some time after the exit of the Sun the present Moon left the earth, and took away the retarding forces which would have brought all life to a slow death. The earth remained behind between Sun and Moon, selecting exactly the right tempo for the human organisation, and enabling it to take up an Ego, and to be the bearer of the individuality which goes from incarnation to incarnation. The human organisation as it exists to-day was produced from the cosmos under no other conditions than through this process - first the separation of the Sun and then that of the Moon." 
"Manifestations of Karma" - Rudolf Steiner pp40-41